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Family Dispute


Divorce may be a common experience for today’s couples and families, but that does not make it any less distressing for the children who are involved. There is an incredible need for dedicated professionals to practice their specialized roles in helping children deal with the divorce or separation of their parents. We often see families coming in with observations of their children beginning to struggle at home, in school, with peers, and avoiding family gatherings. It is important to help children with the support of an unbiased and supportive therapist, in understanding what is happening within the family structure and what the future holds for him or her. Counselors can help parents evolve into their new roles, using and developing their parenting skills to make the divorce a collaborative, rather than an isolating process. Counselors play a central role in helping children deal with the news, process, and aftermath of a divorce. Call today, to set up an appointment with one of our specialized therapists to help bridge the gap from the before-and-after, to provide lasting guidance to families as they grow and adjust to the new style of living.

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