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Social development is the process that a child and adolescent experience as they learn how to create relationships at home, within school, and their community. There are different developmental milestones to look out for with children and adolescents in terms of social norms, such as: interacting with other kids, playing cooperatively and managing conflict in healthy and balanced ways. Some red flags for potential social issues could include your child having difficulty: making new friends, being bullied or excluded by other children, refusing to play with other children, often being too shy to engage with others, or showing consistent aggressive tendencies towards other children. There may be a number of reasons this may be happening and working with a skilled therapist can be beneficial in helping understand the root cause of the problem. Looking at symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, temperament, your therapist can help your child to develop the skills necessary to enjoy healthy and happy social environments.

Kid's Playing Outdoor
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