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EMDR- Future Template and Body Scan The final steps in EMDR treatment. Check them out here! Did you know that EMDR has 8 phases of treatment? This video discusses the last two- Future Template and Body Scan. Future template is one of my favorite parts of EMDR and really help one to visualize how they would like to see themselves working through a future anticipated event; one that likely would cause them stress or concern. And because future template occurs after the trauma work is complete, it is a natural segway into feeling much more confident day to day.

Body Scan is a reiteration of what has been done throughout the EMDR phases. Getting in touch with how your body responds to stress is a vital therapeutic skill. Phase 8 Body Scan allows for one final scan from head to toe, to ensure that we have worked through all of the stress and trauma from the target- as indicated by your physiological responses.

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