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The Power of Positive Thinking

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

When our lives are going well and all our “ducks are in a row”, it is much easier to cope with the daily tasks at hand, to think more positively, and to be more optimistic in life. But when things are not going well, when things do not go as planned, and our “ducks are all over the pond” it can be difficult to remember the positive things in your life, or to feel optimistic about your days to come.


It is in these times we must remember and practice the power of positive thinking. As cliche as it may sound, there has been much research on positive thinking and how it can help those going through hardships whether they be considered big or small, transient or chronic.

The Power of Positive Thinking The Wellness Counseling Group

I have a mental exercise that I use with myself and my clients (both children and adults). It is a simple exercise in mindfulness to help people in many aspects. Do you consider yourself a pessimist-and for good reason? Is it hard to get through your day without something going wrong, getting you down in a rut in which you just cant seem to get out? Or do you have the need for healthier self-esteem? No matter what the issue is, positive thinking can be more powerful than you thought.

I like to refer to this in two separate parts:

1. Self-Actualizing- Visualizing yourself as the best possible person you could be.

  • What does this look like?

  • What are your morals?

  • What do you let get in the way of your happiness?

  • Who do you let into your life to help you grow?

  • Who do you need to shut out to keep you from being stuck?

Visualize the best person you could possibly be and examine all facets of your personality. What needs to change and what can you do to better yourself? Could you quit smoking? Could you eat healthier? What about ending a relationship with a friend or a lover who is poisonous or abusive?

It takes practice, but consider writing these things down and reviewing them as a reminder of what you want to work on, and becoming a better person for yourself and yourself only.

2.  For every one negative thing you say about yourself, you must come up with three positive things about yourself.

  • The positive things must be different throughout the day. You can’t come up with the same positive attributes about yourself- they must all be different.

  • Remember the positive things and if necessary, keep a log of them to visually remind yourself about them.

The Power of Positive Thinking The Wellness Counseling Group

Think about it– the media, the magazines, and almost every product sold is about “bettering ourselves.” Our society tells us every day that essentially we are not good enough. Commercials about products for thicker hair, make-up to hide our “imperfections” and to make women look more beautiful, diet foods, and billions of dollars annually spent on diet/weight loss products so men can build tons of muscle and women can look slim in their bikinis. It’s everywhere! So it is no wonder that negative thoughts about ourselves infiltrate the back (or in some cases the forefront) our minds.

Just try it and see what the power of positive thinking can do for you.

Here at The Wellness Counseling Group encourage you to try these two simple strategies to improve your thinking. Contact us today to move forward in your personal journey.


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