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The Predictableness of Unpredictability

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

When I first thought about writing a blog on unpredictability it was going to be more about the annoyances that come along with it. You know; you make plans, you envision things going a certain way and then life throws you a curve ball. You instantly have to adjust to changes that are unexpected and sometimes unwelcome. In my own personal life, this leaves me frustrated. And probably like you, I have had some recent experiences with unpredictability in my own life.

The Predictableness of Unpredictability

Some days passed and I still had yet to sit at the computer to write about the downfalls of unpredictability. And in those days, something happened. My thoughts

and my mood changed. I became more conscious and aware of the situation at hand, began to step outside of myself for a moment and realize what was happening. After the dust settled and after I complained about my situation with a pretty typical human reaction of “life is not fair”, I began to realize that unpredictability leads to something far greater than I ever realized.

Unpredictability leads to growth. 

Predictability, while comforting, can leave us stagnant or content in life. While I am a fan of predictability in certain corners of my life, it is never guaranteed. Maybe life was set up that way for a reason. Unpredictability forces us to accept the fact that we do not have as much control over things as we would like and, like branches on a tree, we become more flexible and blow in the wind. Sometimes the winds may be strong and powerful, almost breaking the tree down. Sometimes it’s a gentle breeze. But all in all, it is better to allow yourself to be more flexible in these situations than it is to be rigid or unyielding.

The point is, no matter who you are, what you do in life, or how much control you think you

have, unpredictability reminds us all that its not always up to you, or me, or anyone.

Now, sitting here at my computer I am more grateful for the things that I was upset about a few days ago. I can see now that those unexpected changes have created a time in space for new plans, new creativity, and new growth; changes and opportunities that I wouldn’t have ever thought about or given a chance before. Chance came to me in the form of unpredictability and I stand here grateful.

The course of my road has changed and will continue to change. The end will look different than I had imagined, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. All that we really can predict with true veracity is the unpredictable. Take a moment; a few hours or days and let the dust settle. Let’s be the branches that blow in the wind and go along for the ride.


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